About You

Responsible for ensuring data accuracy for EWP issuance, ensuring voucher requests made by the 12 ECs in Workplace being attended to within stipulated SLA, to issue EWPs to selected cars for Warranty Smart and CARSOME Warranty within stipulated SLA, and to assist on Inventory Financing (Floor Stock) drawdown on daily basis with Financier, in particular Cypress, PBB, and MBB.

Your Day-to-Day

● To log into Voucherify system and push/publish Vouchers whenever there is a request by EC to do so in Workplace groupchats in accordance with SOP.

● To validate customer’s details via CMS for voucher request by ECs and to publish the voucher via Voucherify System in accordance with Management Directive.

● To ensure all discount replacement code publish via Voucherify System duly lodged into relevant GSheets for tracking & monitoring purposes.

● To ensure Inventory Financing Redemption being attended to within stipulated SLA by close monitoring & tracking of ECs request via Workplace Chat.

● To input all relevant documentation pertaining to Inventory Financing Drawdown & Redemption duly lodged into GDrive on daily basis.

● To compile & upload the documents for Cypress in Google Drive on daily basis.

● To ensure data input & updated for CARSOME and Warranty Smart accurately input in relevant GSheets and to be sync-up with Yana System for activation purposes.

● To guide, supervise and lead BFAs for ECs regarding EWP related matters and vouchers application in CMS.

● Supporting ECs operation during weekend & Public Holiday (PH) on rotation basis.

● To deliver proactive analytics based on current data and to give recommendations.

Your Know-How

● A tertiary qualification or equivalent.

● At least 1 year(s) of working experience in the automotive retail operations and hire purchase field background is a must.

● Good command in English & B. Malaysia.

● Proven ability to work within fast-paced and dynamic work environments.

● Skill(s): PowerPoint, Word, & Excel

● Excellent interpersonal, listening & communication skills.

● Able to work independently with minimal supervision.