Role: Executive, Business Support (Calling)

Your Day to Day

  • Contacting seller of (bidding) and (non-bidding) for appointment scheduling for transaction
    - individual (local/foreigner)
    - company cars
  • Following up and updating latest appointment status of any unscheduled and/or postponed case
  • Providing assist on seller inquiry on seller transaction process (if any)
  • Request for necessary details for appointment scheduling (hire purchase status, ownership
    status, car status)
  • Providing reminder message (in Whatsapp) to seller upon completion appointment scheduling on required documentation required to provide during transaction
  • Checking on customer availability (date and time) and to confirm on transaction
  • Updating the accurate details in job sheets for next team reference (Operation Executive)
  • Check the customer availability and confirm the appointment date and time
  • Check the OE schedule to slot in the appointment according to the location and time
  • Following up and liaise within internal team for any pending and required items
    - Down-payment
    - Pending approval cases.

Role: Executive, Business Support (Admin)

  • Check Leads status.
  • Check Pending assign leads.
  • Check unconfirmed case status.
  • Double-check all related approval before scheduling.
  • aging (Based on area : KV & Outstation)
  • Attend TT Request
  • Attend DT's group (Ops,Sourcing,B2B
  • Attend inspector's Group (outstation Groups)
  • Attend corp request (Schedule booking)
  • Find slot for add on cases.
  • Update case status(Settlement & Postpone)
  • Attend BA's request.
  • Attend OE's request.
  • Updating rejection Leads
  • Double-check on Jobsheet Details
  • input PBB DD listing
  • Updating names OE Schedule (OS Admin only)
  • Attend jobsheet amendment. (if any)
  • Check Dealer Allocation (EM Leads)
  • Forward email for Corp Case Only