Your Day-To-Day

1. Ensure car keys are labelled

2. Ensure the safekeeping of the car keys

3. Arrange car keys for easy access

4. Record & track the location and movement of the car keys and physical cars upon the receiving and outgoing car keys

5. Tallying car keys against the physical car

6. To align administrative tasks with other stakeholders

7. Prepare reports summary to measure the car keys movement utilization

8. Ensure list of appointments and logistic listing

9. Ensure all documents and spare keys are kept in the secured location

10. Ensure proper transition of car movement.

Your Know-How

1. Process good interpersonal skill

2. Able to work in a fast-paced environment independently

3. Meticulous and high accuracy in work assigned

4. Computer literacy, especially having good knowledge and carry out the works in excel

5. Committed to the job provided